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Quorn Parish Councillors

Councillors are contactable by telephone or email via the Parish Clerk.

Councillor Andrew Brown

 photograph of Andrew Brown Andrew was originally trained as an industrial designer and spent his early career as an interior designer, including working on projects for Oxford University, Scottish Opera and Ampleforth College. Later he managed his own company designing and creating office interiors and has many years of contract management experience.

Throughout his life he has been involved as a volunteer, trustee and chairman with many charities, mainly in the areas of green and built environmental conservation and volunteering. His trusteeships have included the Conservation Volunteers, Butterfly Conservation and the Quorn Old School. He lobbied in Parliament for the 2005 Charities Act and worked as a consultant grant assessor for the Big Lottery. He has extensive knowledge of governance and has written and lectured on its application.

As a Councillor for Quorn, he takes a particular interest in the green environment and also the quality of the buildings, public spaces and public horticulture of the village. He serves on the Grounds and Facilities Committee and the Working Group for the Old School and Village Hall.

Councillor David Burgess

 photograph of David Burgess I have lived in Quorn since 2003. I can often be seen around the village walking our dog, Bella, with my wife Sue. I have recently been co-opted to fill a casual vacancy on the Parish Council. I consider it a privilege to serve as a Councillor and welcome being a part of an enthusiastic group of people that make up Quorn Parish Council.

Prior to retirement in 2018 I was a headteacher at a number of schools in Leicester and Derby and spent the last part of my career as an education adviser, Ofsted Inspector and a consultant in school leadership across the East Midlands. Currently I am the Chair of Governors at a school in a deprived area of Leicester.

I think that my experience will be of some value to the Parish Council and I look forward to serving the people of Quorn to the best of my abilities.

Quorn is a great place to live and I want to play a part in maintaining and improving facilities so that residents’ pride in our village continues to flourish.

Councillor Joanna Clarke

No details available.

Councillor Josh Clayton

 photograph of Josh Clayton My name's Josh and I've lived in Quorn for nearly three decades. In that time my love for our great village has only grown, and now the very kind people of Quorn have given me their vote to represent them and be their voice in the community.

I have been very lucky to have had a diverse range of jobs and experiences that will aid me in my position as Parish Councillor. I have worked in retail, a non-profit organisation and now the pharmacy sector. In most of the jobs that I have held I've had a lot of experience with customer care, working with customers from a wealth of backgrounds. This will help me to build a stronger community for all residents of Quorn.

My interests in the village are planning, making sure we keep green spaces green, and making sure my that generation's voice is heard. I will always be accountable to you and you can contact me whenever you like.

In my free time I love to cook for friends, play badminton (very badly) and catch up on TV shows on Netflix.

Councillor Jane Hollingworth

 photograph of Jane Hollingworth I have lived in Quorn all my life, our family going back several generations on my fathers side. I went to St. Bartholomew's School (now the old School Community Building, Tea Shop and Library) and later Rawlins. I am married to Bill and have two grown up children - Mark and Aimee. My faith in God is the driving force in my life. I was an active member of Quorn Baptist Church and was a play group leader there, a job I greatly enjoyed until twenty six years ago when I became ill with ME.

I designed and planted the War Memorial Garden and have maintained it for the past twenty one years. I was also approached by the Parish Council and asked to give a planting plan, source the plants and oversee the planting of the Sensory Garden on the Stafford Orchard which I also looked after for three years.

My father Peter Gamble is a very keen naturalist and it would be hard growing up with a father so devoted to nature conservation without being interested in it yourself so my main interests on the council are conserving the small amount of green spaces we have left within the village. I'm very pleased that the PC bought Tom Long's Meadow and think its development will be a huge benefit to wildlife within the village and a lovely peaceful spot to sit and listen to the birds and watch the wildlife.

I'm also interested in maximising the beauty of the cultivated areas within the village to make them beautiful to look at and also good for wildlife, the two are not mutually exclusive.

I'm Chairman of Quorn in Bloom and with support from the Parish Council the efforts of the Bloom group and other voluntary groups around the village have resulted in Quorn being awarded Silver gilt and Gold awards as part of the East Midlands in Bloom over the last few years.

We have cleared and developed and named Church View Garden as an area to be attractive to wildlife and for villagers to enjoy, we have also made an attractive bed on the central reservation on the Loughborough Road entrance and are in the process of trying to improve the area under the trees near the Station Road car park.

Councillor Olwen Jones

Vice-Chair of the Council

 photograph of Olwen Jones Half my life has been spent in and around Quorn, and my husband, Tony, and I finally became residents eight years ago when we moved from Rothley where I served on the Parish Council for twelve years.

A life-long volunteer since schooldays in Kent, I was co-opted to Quorn Parish Council in 2015 prompted by the call for volunteers to save the village library. The challenge of delivering the council’s ambition for the library as a key element of a refurbished Old School community hub drew on acquired skills gained in a professional background in marketing and project management in both the corporate and public sectors.

Quorn Parish Council has a remarkable record of achievement in the delivery of community benefits. It is a privilege to have been elected to be part of the team to continue that development further. The new and enlarged 2019 council brims with fresh new skills and experience. Members face exciting challenges ahead but we are working together to enhance further and protect the strong community spirit that already exists in the village.

As Vice Chair of the council, my role is to support the Chair, and ensure the recommendations of the recent governance review are adopted and applied, as a member of the Finance and General Purposes Committee. I also sit on the Grounds and Facilities Committee whose wide remit covers the management of the council’s indoor and outdoor community assets.

As a member of our Library Ops Working Group, I am an active volunteer as we develop the offering further. Beyond Quorn, playing tennis and bridge, and literary appreciation groups compete for my time, alongside family commitments in the south east.

Councillor Andy McWilliam

No details available.

Councillor Bob Parks

 photograph of Bob Parks I am a retired secondary school teacher and Assistant Principal who has lived in Quorn for four years. During my time here I have involved myself in various community activities. I am Secretary of Quorn Ukulele Orchestra, a member of the Medical Practice Virtual Patient Participation Group and participate in Quorn Open Gardens every year. I live in the heart of the village, use village shops and businesses and involve myself in village events. I am lucky enough to have the time, energy and skills to want to make a contribution to the community in which I live.

I stood for election to the Parish Council because I think it is very important that Parish Councillors receive a democratic mandate, since they spend public money and make decisions that affect people’s lives. I was delighted to be elected and would like to thank you for putting your trust in me. As well as being a member of the Parish Council itself I am also on the Planning Committee and the Grounds and Facilities Committee. I am a great believer in listening, and hope that villagers will bring their concerns and priorities forward to me, and to the other Parish Councillors, so that we can answer them or bring them to the attention of those who can.

Councillor Roger Price

Grounds and Facilities Committee Chair

 photograph of Roger Price Roger retired in 2017 after 43 years’ service in the NHS. He was a GP in Loughborough and spent an increasing time in training doctors across the East Midlands. He was appointed to several national bodies which managed the recruitment of trainee doctors and their supervisors, chairing the national recruitment body. He was heavily involved nationally with Quality Management of training and performance.

He has lived in Quorn since 2007, having known it well since about 1977. He is a country boy from the Welsh borders and is determined that his retirement will include time supporting and preserving a village community, particularly working to maintain its independence from other settlements.

Roger joined Quorn Parish Council in 2016 and has quickly become aware of the challenges faced by both the village and its Council. He firmly believes that the best way to achieve what is necessary and desirable is by close cooperation between the electorate and the Council. He hopes to continue promoting the highest standards expected of a Council and encourages others of a like mind to share this ambition.

But the majority of his time will be spent enjoying life with his wife and his family, now scattered around the UK, and including several grandchildren.

Councillor Carolyn Thornborow

Planning Committee Chair

 photograph of Carolyn Thornborow I began my involvement with Quorn Parish Council in 2017 as one of the volunteers involved with the Neighbourhood Plan. I thought it was a great exercise in local democracy. When the opportunity arose to be co-opted on to the Parish Council, I applied and was accepted.

When the elections for the Parish Council were held in the spring of 2019, I stood and was very pleased to be elected.

I stood for election in 2019 because I believe in local democracy. Because I believe in community. Working together, we can make things better. Better for ourselves, for our families, for our neighbours and our friends.

I attend the monthly Parish Council meetings and am involved in the Planning Committee and the Finance & General Purposes Committee. I take part in the monthly Parish Council surgeries. I am also involved in discussions both to try and find a way forward with the car parking in Quorn and improving community resilience in the face of emergencies such as flooding or a major incident. I participate in the Community Speed Watch scheme. I am the Parish Council representative to the Quorn Town Lands Charity.

I have lived in Quorn since 1992. I come originally from Dorset and moved up here to start my first proper job, working at Fisons Pharmaceuticals. I then moved to 3M and eventually began running my own business, working from home.

For Borough and County Councillors, and MPs, see Local Representatives.

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