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Quorn Street Cleaning

Charnwood Borough Council has made excellent progress in ensuring its streets are clean with latest figures showing that 92% of the streets in Charnwood are deemed to be at an acceptable level of cleanliness. This is an improvement of 5% on 2009/2010, when just 85% were thought to be acceptably clean. The introduction of the alternative method of hand sweeping in between parked cars, better training of staff, new mechanical sweepers and the targeting of cleaning in areas of greatest need has helped boost the levels of cleanliness even further.

The Council recognises that Quorn, like many villages, has specific needs and we are now working closely with the Parish Council and local Councillors to help identify local issues that need attention. This has resulted in a recent clean up of local areas to improve the standard of cleanliness, and has helped create a good working relationship between the Parish and Borough Council. We will continue to work together to resolve some of the local issues identified.

In letting a new contract for street cleaning Charnwood Borough Council recognised the need to focus resources more effectively and improve standards. This contract is output based, meaning that all streets are cleaned when they need to be, rather than areas being cleaned to a set frequency. This gives greater flexibility and results in cleaner streets throughout the Borough. All areas maintained by Charnwood Borough Council have been classified into one of four land zones to reflect the amount of vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow:

  • Zone 1 – highest level e.g. town centres
  • Zone 2 – medium level e.g. village centres and areas surrounding streets
  • Zone 3 – low level e.g. housing estates
  • Zone 4 – special circumstances e.g. main roads such as the A6

If a road, pavement, path or grassed area falls below a set standard (‘grade’) it is deemed to be unacceptable, and should be rectified within set response times. Most of Quorn has been identified as Zone 2 and therefore poor standards should be rectified within 48 hours. For further details on street cleansing please visit:

Between the Council and our Environmental Services, Contractor, Serco over two hundred street inspections take place each week. This enables us to identify where problems occur, and put procedures into place to maintain acceptable standards.
Should you find that you find a street or green space under Charnwood Borough Council’s responsibility is not cleaned to the standard required please contact or telephone 01509 634 563

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 photograph of Quorn Souvenir China - read more
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